There are two Start Areas – Orange and Green – and two corresponding Assembly Areas. It is essential that you go to the Assembly Area that matches the colour of your running number.

If your running number is ORANGE,  you need to go to the Orange Assembly Area on Tower Bridge Road and Tooley Street, which is south of the River Thames.

The nearest station is London Bridge station. Upon arrival, please take the Tooley Street exit. Marshals will be at the exit of the station and on the routes to the Assembly Area to guide you.

If your running number is GREEN, you need to go to the Green Assembly Area on Tower Hill, which is north of the River Thames.

The nearest stations are Tower Hill Tube station and Tower Gateway DLR station. Marshals will be at the exits of both stations and on the routes to the Assembly Area.

We recommend travelling to The Vitality Big Half on foot, by cycling or by using public transport. We strongly discourage driving to the event due to the extensive road closures which will be operating along the route from 04:00.

If you are travelling by public transport, please visit or

Baggage drop

Once you have deposited your kitbag, you will not be able to retrieve your belongings until you arrive at the Finish. Therefore, please ensure that you have all you require for your run BEFORE leaving your kitbag with the baggage vehicle.

We suggest you wear old clothing or a bin liner to stay warm before the race starts. Please do not discard items in the road, instead use the bins provided in the Start Areas to dispose of your old clothes or bin liners.

Discarded clothes will be cleaned and, where possible, donated to charity.

Important BaggaGe Information

The baggage drop vehicles will close at the times below in order to travel to the Finish Area in Greenwich where they will be waiting for you to collect your kitbag after the race.


Orange Start Area


Green Start Area

The Start

The race will be started in seven waves. The waves are lettered A to G and your letter is on your running number. Please follow the schedule in the table here and make sure you meet each deadline.

Once in the Assembly Area, our marshals will direct you to the Start Zones according to your running number. Line up in the Start Zone that matches your colour and letter and wait for your wave to start.