The finish line

The climax of your 13.1-mile challenge comes at the Finish Line in front of the iconic Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

Your finish journey

Watch this short video about what to expect when you reach the Finish Line.

The finish Area

Once over the line and into the Finish Area, you will probably be feeling tired but please keep moving to create space for runners arriving after you. If you are feeling unwell, please tell our medical staff immediately.

It may take you up to 15 minutes to walk through the Finish Area. Please listen to the instructions of the marshals.

Baggage collection

Next, you will be directed into the grounds of the National Maritime Museum where you will be able to collect your kitbag from the same baggage drop vehicle that you handed it to at the start. Please remember you will need your running number to collect your bag.

Once you have collected your kitbag, you can make use of the changing facilities in the museum grounds before entering The Vitality Big Festival in Greenwich Park.

Meeting people

Please ask your family and friends to meet you at the Meet and Greet signs in Greenwich Park and not to congregate at the Finish Area exit. See the map in The Vitality Big Festival Section.


Results will be available on our official website as soon as possible after the race has finished.